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Treatment of Buttock Stretch Marks

One of the most common areas to develop stretch marks is on the buttocks, especially in women who have experienced a sudden growth spurt during adolescent development. Stretch marks usually represent skin injury in which there is intrinsic loss of dermal integrity.
Treatments for stretch marks begin with application of Luminase and Exfolase creams as part of the Kareskin Body Brightening regimen; followed by light fractional laser to stimulate cellular renewal and collagen deposition within the skin.  The most commonly employed stretch mark lasers include fractional CO2, Fraxel laser, and Clear + Brilliant laser.
The severity of stretch marks dictate the number of treatments needed to correct superficial and deep stretch marks. Depending on the areas treated, patients may require three to five laser sessions on average to achieve clinically-significant results.
If you have visible stretch marks on the buttocks, a combination protocol consisting of topical brightening creams Luminase and Exfolase followed by fractional laser may be suitable. Call our Santa Monica office to schedule a consultation for stretch mark treatment.